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5 days and 5 nights from Nagoya to Hawaii only to solar energy. An extraordinary achievement.

Five nights and five days on board, without fuel, only the SUN!

"I feel rekindled by this extraordinary journey. I climbed five times to the equivalent altitude of Mount Everest without much rest. The team at the Mission Control Centre in Monaco (MCC) was my eyes and ears ... The MCC was fighting to give me the opportunity to rest and recover, but also to maximize the levels of enurgy of the plane and to send me the course of the trajectories and to communicate to me the flight strategies that it simulated by computer", said André Borschberg, This success fully validates the vision of my partner Bertrand Piccard following his balloon flight around the world which consists in reaching the necessary endurance practically unlimited in a plane without fuel," he adds.

To propel this idea to the next level, Solar Impulse has launched the ''Future Is Clean Campaign'', calling on its supporters to add their voices to the message on a website to promote a petition to convince governments around the world to implement clean technology solutions necessary for our survival and to help the success of the next UN climate change conference (COP21) achieves the necessary success. to the renewal of the Kyoto Protocol next December in Paris.

What André has achieved is extraordinary from the point of view of a pilot. But in addition, he also led the technical team during the construction of this revolutionary prototype," said Bertrand Piccard, initiator of Solar Impulse and one of the pilots who is expected to take control of the next flight to the North American continent.

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