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Fête Eaux Lac 2015 Yverdon

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Passage à Genève lors du deuxième tour du Lac du 3 au 9 août 2015

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Tout Vevey Nage 15 août 2015

Accompaniment of a swimmer on the crossing St-Gingolph - Vevey on August 15, 2015.
Once the kmz file is downloaded, click on it and the route will be displayed in GoogleEarth.
Attention: you must have GoogleEarth on your computer.


After many searches and a dozen emails exchanged with Garmin support, I finally found a solution to report navigation routes on GoogleEarth.
The program that recognizes gps 72 is Garmin's Mapsource, available here
Once the program is installed it is necessary to connect the GPS 72 with a USB cable and the GPS data can be transferred into the program and then displayed on GoogleEarth.


Some nice pictures of various trips
since 2009. Good navigation!

1st Tour of the Lake of Geneva with a solar boat

181 km - 14 to 19 July 2010
At the time of departure batteries loaded 100 %
returned back with batteries loaded at 99 %


Out of the water in Morges, setting of the new trailer
by the Chantier Naval Reymond, Tolochenaz.

BOL D'OR 2010

The day where beated Alinghi!
5th at turnpoint of the Bouveret,
20 minutes before Alinghi !
Connoisseurs will appreciate!


Visit in Vevey of the pioneers ! from left: Matthias WEGMANN, former owner, designer of the solisarisation and builder of the cabin, Arvind RABADIA, CEO AGNI MOTOR, Cedric LYNCH, inventor of the motor LEMCO, Charly TEUSCHER, happy new owner of SOLARLY.CH and Thomas WICK, CEO ASMO GmbH, Agent - importer of AGNI engine. Photo taken by Mr. Theodor SCHMIDT, Swiss pioneer of the early hours of the electro-solar navigation.

Excursions 2010 by Garmin

Here are a few excursions of the 2010 season and for the first  trip around the lake of Geneva by a solar boat, see here: blog

Vevey, test run, May 17, 2010
Vevey - le Bouveret May 22, 2010
Le Bouveret - Lausanne via Evian 23 May 2010
Lausanne-Vevey May 23, 2010
Swimming on 24 may, the water was still cold!
Vevey-Castle of Glerolle, May 26, 2010
La Becque, may 29, 2010
Rivaz, June 5, 2010
Montreux Fredy Mercury, June 6, 2010
Bol d'or "OFF" 2010
Bouveret - Vevey via the old Rhône
Vevey-Chillon-old Rhone - Vevey 24.06.2010
Vevey-Montreux-Eden Palace and back 30.06.2010
Launching of the ABES boat at Basset boat
Le Bouveret - old Rhone - Chillon Montreux Jazz
Return by night from Montreux Jazz Festival (partial)
Back to Montreux
Cully Clarens
Tour of Lake of Geneva 14 - 19.07.10 - (partial)

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