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THE POWER OF THE SUN electric motor is powered by batteries which are loaded continuously by solar the panels installed on the roof of the bridge.


Click to zoom the imagePV power consists of 4 panels with each  55 "SUNPOWER" cells, monocrystalline, 144 cm x 66 cm, or 3.8 m2
160 W each = total 640 Wh

Panels: ZRE 160 GEF - 55 M - 5Z - L
Max Power 160 W +/-5 %
IMPP 5.30 has Isc 5.90 A
Umpp 30.2 Uoc 36,30 V V
Spez. 1000W/m2 25 ° AM 1.5
Max U - sys. 930 V
DIN-EN 61216 Ed II / DIN EN 61730

Custom made by
on transparent (glass) substrate.


Click to zoom the imageThe electricity generated by the solar panels is stored in a pack of batteries.

SOLARLY.CH has two packs of 4 batteries 6V= 24 V  each
Motive Power, Maintenance Free, Gel Technology
6V 180 Ah (C5); 200 Ah (C20) GF 06 180 V 
Made in Germany by Exide Technology GmbH, 63654 Büdingen
Supplier: LEVO Batterien 4457 DIEGTEN


Click to zoom the imageController SAC 50 - MSTE SOLAR D-88682 SALEM
Nonstop indication of batteries loading, power, etc.

Nonstop controlling of batteries loading, power supplied by the solar panels and the consumption of electricity.


Click to zoom the imageEngine: speed, foreward/reverse and stop are controlled by the joystick situated on the dash board. Switches for pump, navigation lights, horn and contact key are also there.


Click to zoom the imageMillipak Compact DC Motor Controller Sevcon Ltd. GB (hacker)

The electricity produced by the photovoltaic cells goes through batteries before being directed to a chopper which supplies the engine through a regulator that allows to adjust the intensity and the polarity of the current delivered to the engine for to modulate the speed and direction of rotation.


Click to zoom the imageElectric motor AGNI Lynch, 2.4 KW 24 V  d. 20.5 cm  w. 11 cm weight: 11 Kg
Inventor: Cedric LYNCH LEMCO Lynch Motor Company
Supplier: ASMO GmbH, 4229 Beinwil

This engine is a small wonder.

Lynch motor

Click to zoom the image
AGNI Motors


Click to zoom the imageDirect shaft with cable gland, 3-blades bronze propeller 

Direct shaft

Click to zoom the image


By good weather in summer and at a speed of approx. 6-7 km/h the electricity provided by the solar panels is quite sufficient for the motor power supply. At this point the boat imoves only by solar energy and has an autonomy proportional to the quantity of sunlight + the reserve of power loaded in the batteries.

The capacity of the batteries is largely sized to ensure a comfortable autonomy in navigation.

At a max. speed of 10.7 km/h, autonomy is reduced to approx. 3 h / 32 km.
At 9 km/h autonomy is nearly 6h00 / 54 Km.
A 7 km/h autonomy passes to nearly 12h / 84 Km.

Even by cloudy weather, depending on the amount of light received, the boat can move at 3-4 Km/h without using the power of the batteries.
The maximum speed  (10.8 km/h depends on the shape of the hull, the more the hull is tapered, the better the performance.

By intense sunlight and at a speed of approx. 5.5 - 6 km/h autonomy is infinite, as long as the sun shines high in the sky.

For example it should be posible to go from Vevey to Geneva (65 Km according to the shortest line) in about 10h 30.

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