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SOLARLY.CH is a boat of British origin. Its displacement hull has been designed for navigation in inland and shallow waters with a battery-powered electric propulsion or a steam propulsion. In Britain the mode of electric propulsion is popular for many years, long before the invention of  photovoltaic panels (PV).

SOLARLY.CH is a 21 feet  boat of the serie FROLIC designed by naval architect Andrew Wolstenholme. she was built in 1988 by former 'The Steam & Electric Launch Company,' Wroxham, Norfolk, GB. The moulds of the FROLIC serie have been taken over by 'Créative Marine Ldt UK', Matslake, Norwich-Norfolk, "Boatbuilders of the Finest Range of Classic Launches," which still build Frolic boats on demand. The company has also recently added a  Frolic 21 photovoltaic to its offer, although after the solarisation of in 2009. 

Imported from the United Kingdom during the late 1980s Frolic 21 stationed on the Lake of Thun, at Merlingen. At that time she had it's original electric engine and more than 400 kg of batteries. However it seems that she has not be very much in use on Lake of Thun.

Purchased by Mr. Matthias Wegmann of Basel, the boat went trough a first transformation. The new owner added two solar panels, replaced the batteries and fitted the baot with a new engine, the famous Lynch Motor.
Until 2000 she was stationed  in France, at Fouchécourt, where she was used for touristic trips on the river Saône.

2007 And 2008, Frolic 21 was registered at Basel City and stayed at the disposal of the Association Rheinbogen to be used as a passenger ferry on the river Rhine, at the "Dreiländereck", where the borders of France, Switzerland and Germany meet.

SOLARLY.CH was renoveted, a cabin and 4 new PV panels were mounted wit new batteries, for a greter autonomy, by Mr. Matthias WEGMANN, Artisolar GmbH, 4143 Dornach. Since July 2009 SOLARLY.CH sails on Lake of Geneva.

Her home port is Vevey (Vevey Marina, Quai Perdonnet)

May 1, 2009, boat test

Navigation test on the Lake of Les Brenets, the purchase decision depends on this tet ...
But before navigating, you must first raise the roof with solar panels on.
Les Brenets - Saut du Doubs and back at various speeds, approx. 7.2 Km in 45 minutes, consumption: 17% of the energy available in 4 batteries 6 V 200 ah + power from two solar panels totaling 200 wph
Successful trial!
The new version will be much more efficient: PV 640 wph + doubling the batteries.
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Successful test
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Click to zoom the imageA complete renovation of the boat was undertaken from May to July 2009 by Mr. Matthias WEGMANN. 
See pictures of the 2009 RENOVATION here. 

July 29, 2009: launching and maiden voyage

Click to zoom the imageWeight: 1020 Kg. fully equiped
See pictures of the launching and maiden trip here. 

On the river Saône

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Picture M.Wegmann

Dreiländereck, Franco-German-Swiss border, Basel

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On the river Rhine, in Basel

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on board Mr Cedric LYNCH, (black t-shirt, at port), inventor of the eponymous engine that equips the boat since 2007. (Photo Mr. Wegmann)

Vevey-Plaisance: at his posting

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